Monday, July 10, 2017

I-70 2014 Stan Musial Bridge over Mississippi at St. Louis, MO

(Bridge Hunter, John A. Weeks III3D Satellite)

The official name is the Stan Musial Veterans Memorial Bridge. (During the planning stage it was named the Ronald Wilson Reagan Memorial Bridge on August 28, 2005.) The Popular Street Bridge used to carry the traffic of I-55+I-64+I-70. Of course, it was congested. So a new road with a new bridge was built between 2010-14 to remove the I-70 traffic from the Popular Street Bridge. The plans include a second span that should be built when more funding becomes available. (It was Missouri, not Illinois that was reluctant to fund the bridge. It is good that they got at least one span built before Illinois politicians could not agree on a state budget for over two years.) At 1500' with 400' towers, it is the third longest span in the United States. (The original proposal would have had 510' towers on the shores with a span of 2000'.)  [WeeksIII]

Wliliam A. Shaffer added
The Stan Musial Bridge at St. Louis, MO
This was one of the first times I photographed the Stan Musial Bridge. (Photo by William A. Shaffer)

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The Stan Musial Bridge at St. Louis, MO (5.12.15)
(Photo by William A. Shaffer)

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Stan Musial Bridge at St. Louis, Missouri (5.11.13)
(Photo by William A. Shaffer)
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Stan Musial Veterans Memorial Bridge - St. Louis, MO (1.06.15)
(Photo by William A. Shaffer)

John A Weeks III
Planned bridge with two parallel spans:
John A Weeks III
"The third-longest cable-stayed bridge in the United States."

The $230m bridge "entailed construction of a 1,500-foot main span with 400-foot towers. The total length of the improvement was 1.22 miles. The work included 12 drilled shafts (11 feet, six inches); 38,225 cubic yards of substructure concrete; 9,446 cubic yards of superstructure concrete (pre-stressed slab panels); 8,188 tons of fabricated structural steel; 1,257 tons of stay cable strand; and 7,563 tons of reinforcing steel." [Traylor] The total project was significantly more because a lot of approach work was needed to move I-70 from the bridge that also carried I-55 and I-64.
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