Friday, July 14, 2017

1924 Sewer Construction

MWRD posted
Historical Photo of the Week: Sewer construction along Thatcher Ave in River Forest on July 8, 1924
What first caught my eye was that they were using a steam powered shovel as late as 1924. The cement mixer is powered by a gas engine. Note that they use a regular wheelbarrow on the right to dump the ingredients into the chute that will be lifted to feed the drum, but they use special wheelbarrows on the left to move the mixed concrete.

Seeing that mixer makes me wonder when ready mix trucks were developed.

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Update: A posting by Chuck Edmonson concerning the first "seedling" mile built for the Lincoln Highway in 1914 near IL-38 near Malta, IL contains some pictures of the concrete mixer technology of the day.


Steve OConnor commented on the above posting
Road building was often done with temporary industrial railroads. The terrible condition of dirt roads during rain made truck traffic all but impossible. The solution was to lay tracks parallel to the road and run small industrial locomotives to shuttle concrete from a temporary concrete plant erected along the road.
Steve OConnor commented on the above posting
A train loading up at the temporary concrete plant along side the road bed. Ironic that these locomotives were building the very roads that one day would help put them out of business.

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