Friday, July 7, 2017

Bow Steering Unit for Illinois River 15-Barge Tows

Stuart Pearson posted
This image of the M/V Sally Polk of the Canal Barge Company was taken from the Top of a Grain Elevator in Morris, IL. The small Boat is a Bow Steering Unit especially useful in negotiating Tight Turns, and when the Towboat was headed Southbound with Empties.
Dennis DeBruler I've never seen a Bow Steering Unit before. Thanks for the info. It looks like a full 15-barge tow so, when they get to a lock, does it untie and lock through next to the rear towboat?
Stuart Pearson Dennis DeBruler~~You are CORRECT as to the Locking procedure.
There are four truck-to-barge transloading facilities near the bend on the river in Morris, IL. Judginf from the angle of the photo, I'm guessing this was taken from the concrete silos of the ADM facility.

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