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Old Lakers

(Update: Edward L. Ryerson has its own page.)

Scott Pearson commented on his posting:
I finally caught up with the old lady of the Lakes loading taconite yesterday evening at Marquette's LS&I dock. The Lee A. Tregurtha was "built in 1942 as an ocean tanker and used in the Atlantic to refuel allied boats in the Second World War, she was awarded two battle stars for service in the war and was decommissioned in 1946. Her battle ribbons are displayed on the boat, on the side of the pilot house." Since 1946 she's undergone a number of renovations to extend her life span. I know she's one of the older lakers working on Lake Superior, possibly now the oldest? She's still a beauty.
Scott Pearson Just found out the Alpena is a couple of months older...possibly others? Looking forward to others responding with older vessels still in service.
Bryan Howell Oldest before the Alpena was the 107 year old St. Mary's (Medusa) Challenger. It is now a barge.

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Detroit District posted
Happy 75th Birthday to the Grand Old Lady of the Lakes. The oldest freighter still operating on the Great Lakes launched on this day [June 21] in 1942 as the Leon Fraser and was the longest boat on the Great Lakes at the time. She was shortened in 1991 for a new career as a cement carrier but is still one of the most popular and beautiful boats on the lakes. Three long and two shorts to the Alpena!
David Kaye posted two side views of the Alpena.

Drone photo of Alpena arriving in Alpena for the Lafarge Cement Plant. It is a cement plant. It looks like they have three older rotary kilns and two newer ones.

Note that the older boats that have the bridge at the bow instead of the stern.


Chris Franckowiak posted
Algoway upbound Marysville, MI 7/11/17.
Marcia LaFreniere Man, not lookin good !!!!!
Chris Franckowiak She looked horrible........ Rumor has it she will make one last (maybe two) visit(s) to Manistee this fall. She finishes out this season and it's off to the scrapyard.
Mike Barbacovi Letting her rust away before she meets the blow torch soon.
[1972, "A versatile vessel, boatwatchers should see the Algoway on the Great Lakes for many navigation seasons to come.BoatNerd]

Jarrett Dodge posted three photos with the comment: "Algoway at Manistee."



Tom Chambers posted
Wilfred Sykes, sailing through a fog bank off Mackinac Island, 8:30am 7/11/17.
Bev Bohlman My favorite boat
Kathleen McFarlan Mine too!
[Another boat with the bridge at the bow. 1949, BoatNerd]
Tom Chambers posted
Wilfred Sykes in the Straits of Mackinac, 1:00pm 7/17/17.
[That strikes me as the biggest bow wake I have ever seen. It must not have that bulb at the bottom of the bow that we see on more modern boats.]

Clarence Vautier posted
[Hon. James L. Oberstar, 1958, BoatNerd]
Kenneth Bailey posted
The Honorable James L Oberstar passing Detroit
[It is amazing how a different angle makes the rear look so much wider.]

Another laker with the bridge at the bow, LTT's Michipicoten, loading ore.  You can see the unloading boom swung to the side to make room for the chutes coming down from the dock. [1952, BoatNerd  It was "built on saltwater" because the Great Lakes shipyards were overloaded. Since it was built before the Seaway opened in 1959, it is smallish so that it could go up the Mississippi and Illinois river to the Great Lakes. It was one of three boats built in 1952 that used the waterway. So the Marine Angel was not the only boat that required movement of the movable bridges between Lemont, IL, and the South Branch of the Chicago River.]
Add caption
Kenneth Bailey posted
The Michipicoten entering Muskegon
ndrew Dawn Severson Nice break from the Soo Marquette run.
Debbie Parker posted five photos with the comment: "The "Cuyahoga" leaving the Port of Lorain 7/13."
[1943, BoatNerd]






Jane Herrick posted three photos with the comment: "Roger Blough arriving in Duluth today." [1968, BoatNerd]



William D. Halsey "Does this water make my butt look big?"
Kristi Mrozek Goodell posted
Watched my boy last night! Herbert C Jackson upbound at Mission Point heading for Duluth.
Kevin Stern They did hang around Lake Michigan for the past week and a half. Went up and down the Lake hauling stone. Went to Holland a couple times and Port Inland at the top of Lake. Only that one trip into MKE on the 5th that I missed. Arrived at 930pm during Summerfest.
[1959, BoatNerd]
Kenneth Bailey posted
The Kaye Barker at the Rouge Steel Mill on July 8, 2017. If you look closely towards the top, you can see a 747 taking from Detroit Metro.
[1951, BoatNerd]

Cedric Woodard posted
C.N. Duluth today.
[I could not find the name of this older ship.]
Brett Larson My wife drove through and she said she saw two boats on the other side of this dock, I no the Anderson is on the other side in long term layup!, did anyone see the other boat ?, if so , witch one was it?
Cedric Woodard The Clarke [1951]
Eric Jacobi posted
Cason J Callaway passes under the Blotnik Bridge.
[Actually, it is the Blatnick Bridge. 1952, BoatNerd]
David Kaye posted two photos in the Soo in July 17, 2017.
Kenneth Bailey posted
The John D Leitch downbound at St Clair.
[1967, BoatNerd]
A video. It seems to be moving fast! (source)
Kenneth Bailey posted
Stevie Wonder's hometown passing Motown
[1953, BoatNerd]
Screenshot from a Real Fast Fotography video of the Paul H. Townsend being moved by a couple of tugs to be cut up for scrap in Port Colborne, ON. (source)

(new window)
John G. Munson, 1952 (Tom Chambers posted, My Michigan by Krystal posted three photos)
Jeff Rueckert posted two photos with the comment:
John G. Munson arriving September 13 at 8:30 am carrying coal to Fox River Terminal from Chicago, IL and departing September 13 at 4:30 pm next pic is a throw Back 1951.

Jeff Rueckert posted
John G Munson heading into Green Bay Dock this Morning.

Frontenac: "The keel was laid May 17, 1967 at Davie Shipbuilding Ltd., Lauzon, QC for their hull # 661 which has proven to be the last classic straight deck bulk carrier (wheelhouse forward) built for the Canada Steamship Lines fleet of Montreal, QC." (David Kaye posted)

Lee A. Tregurtha at the LSI ore doc, Marquette, MI.

Saginaw, 1953 (Marc Dease posted)

A video of Algosteel (source) 1966, BoatNerd
Clifford Taylor Looks like she got some load on her !
Phil Cuchetti what an embarrassment ,the way they keep their boats. I know they ship allot of salt but damn........throw some paint on these.
Clifford Taylor This is her final season ! No point sending her to turkey all painted up !!

A video of Stewart J. Cort at the Soo Bridges (source)  1970, BoatNerd. The Lakes' first 1000-footer.

It is not an "old laker," but it is the biggest laker, so I want to save this link to some comments and a picture. The photo captions in this posting describe four more significant lakers.

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