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BRC 100th Street Yard

(Satellite, the slightly diagonal yard in the center rather than the yard on the left)

Bob Lalich Flickr, Aug 1984
BRC 100th st Yard
BRC TR4 set switches Rail To Water near 100th St, 8-84.
The tracks in the upper-right corner of this diagram are the southern end of this yard.
William E Plut commented on a post
Bob Lalich Not much business for 100th St yard these days, is there?
William E Plut Bob Lalich it’s been pretty dead for a few years since the coal was shut down. Few industry jobs. Although new management is drumming up business. We have trains stored and passing through for now.
William E Plut From 112 to 106 BRC has two tracks that lead into 100st yard. Their is still properly that the belt owns south of that but the yard is over grown. I only leaned of it in the last few years.

Everything between 106 and 100st for the most part is belt property.
William E Plut I’ve heard stories of the old plants that use to be along the tracks. Steel, coke, fork lifts, coal was coming to a close around the time I started about 10 years ago. There is rumors of a stone company taking the place of the old coal location. Very possible 100st gets some life back in it.
The yellow rectangle marks the yard office. According to the shadow, it looked more like a tower.
1938 Aerial Photo

Arturo Gross Flickr photo is the first of five photos with the comment "BRC Alco C424 601 and mate 603 pull into 100th St. Yard on Chicago's southeast side with loads for KCBX rail to water terminal May 1996." The Alcos are belching smoke. Especially in this photo. When he posted this Flickr link in Facebook, William L. Brushaber commented that Arturo took the photos from the south end of the yard below 104th Street from Muskegon Avenue. Arturo commented:
Dennis DeBruler If you can get your hands on the book "The Pennsy in Chicago" by Ed DeRuin, it's a great resource for figuring out what is going on rail wise on the far south/southeast side as well as Northwest Indiana. Obviously not all the tracks are former PRR, but there are so many PRR lines that the coverage really explains alot. In this case a PRR line called the Cummings Branch [my link because I researched the pennsyrr link given below] also ran right next to the BRC yard. Many of the same track diagrams that are in the book are also available on this website, but it's a little harder to get the big picture than the book...

2015 Street View
2014 Street View
John DeWit Woodlock II posted
BRC 511,505 @ 100th Street Yard-Chicago,IL 19 APR 97
[The cow and calf unit must be at the south end of the yard.]
John DeWit Woodlock II It was indeed located at the south end of the yard, not quite as far as 104th Street if I remember correctly.
John DeWit Woodlock II posted
BRC 604,600 @ 100th Street Yard-Chicago,IL 18 APR 97. My apologies for the soft focus.
[We are more in the middle of the yard looking south at the Railto Elevator]
John DeWit Woodlock II posted
BRC 605;UP 8034;7013 @ 100th Street Yard-Chicago,IL 22 APR 97.

John DeWit Woodlock II posted
BRC 605,601;UP 8034;7013 @ 100th Street Yard-Chicago,IL 22 APR 97.
[We are even further north because the Railto Elevator is in the distance on the left.]
John DeWit Woodlock II posted
BRC 605;KCBX 1872,1874 @ 100th Street Yard-Chicago,IL 22 MAY 97.
[Near the north end looking north because that is the approach to the Skyway in the background.]
Marty Gatton Screenshot
CRL operating OMLX 4200 and 1000 northbound through BRC’s 100th street yard
7am 6/27/19
Marty Gatton Someone in the know please advise...

Is the two track stretch these will run on called the Cummings branch? (Eventually through rock island junction and into the BRC South Chicago yard)Ean Kahn-Treras Marty Gatton No. That was the name given to the PRR branch that also followed the BRC down to Commercial Ave Yard.

The BRC timetable says this is the South Chicago District Industrial Lead. Rock Island Jct to 112th St.

Nick Hart posted
Chicago Rail Link time! The clouds were trying to spoil the party, but OMLX 4200 and 9469 managed to find the sun. Slowly making way to the yard near 104th Street in Chicago's south side, the pair of GP40-2LW's are in charge of interchange tonnage from Blue Island. 4200 wears sharp Hudson Bay paint, while the 9469 is still kicking in CN zebra paint.
November 11th, 2020
[That is the former General Mills plant on the right.]

Gary Pyke posted
Belt Railway of Chicago 237 a GP23ECO sits on the Southside of Chicago waiting for its next assignment.
Dennis DeBruler Ean Kahn-Treras It is always nice to learn about an industry that is still rail served.!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4...

Arturo Gross Flickr 1995 photo

Arturo Gross Flickr 1996 photo (source)  Mark Bilecki Sr. They were brand new then.

Arutro Gross Flickr 1996 photo Smoking Alcos pull a train destined for KCBX rail-ro-water. (source)
Mark Bilecki Sr. Awesome! 603 is probably the smoker, as I remember it also belched flames at times too
Daniel Metzger Mark Bilecki Sr. I think those ALCo’s could smoke on command. It I recall there were crews who would smoke them up if they saw a photographer.
Dennis DeBruler Daniel Metzger I knew that steam locomotives can do that by pouring excessive coal onto the fire. It is standard practice now for exhibition steam train runs. I wonder how a diesel engine did that.

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