Saturday, October 28, 2017

EJ&E switched from a belt railroad to a private US Steel railroad in the mid 1970s

I found the comments to be more interesting than the photo.

Kevin Piper posted
906 leads a typical 1960's EJ&E freight past the CB&Q interchange in late afternoon at Eola on 8-25-68. When the Centercabs first got solid orange paint, they also had black frames pilots, and walkways. To simplify repainting, the black was later dropped in favor of more orange in those areas. By the mid-1970's, EJ&E freight trains took on a much different look after the railroad started to discourage bridge traffic. The bean counters determined that bridge traffic between different connecting railroads, using the J as a "middle man", was unprofitable. As a result, the "Chicago Outer Belt" slogan was dropped. LOUIS CERNY PHOTO/KEVIN PIPER COLLECTION
Dennis DeBruler I remember that EJ&E quit carrying bridge traffic and was to do what it was owned for --- connect US Steel plants. Thanks for reminding me that the change was done in the mid 1970s.
Kevin PiperGroup Admin USS wanted it to be a conveyor belt for them.

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