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MWRD: South Side Interceptor Pumping Plants

(Update: more photos of construction of intercepting sewers are in North Side Interceptor.)
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Historical Photo of the Week: The intersection of 92nd Street and Mackinaw Avenue in Chicago on October 3, 1923, showing a westward view of work on the Calumet intercepting sewer system.
It was easy finding information about the pumping station that pumped sewage from the lake side intercepting sewers into the North Branch of the Chicago River. But it has been harder finding information on the pumping stations for interceptor sewers on the south side. Fortunately, I recorded the following notes when I researched the north pump station:
(For future reference, I have come across "Racine Pumping Plant" and "pumping station at 68th near South Shore Drive." While Googling for them, I found a map of Chicago's supply water pumping stations. This looks like the Racine Pumping Plant. I didn't find anything around 68th and South Shore.)
Google found a map of MWRD's CSO's outflows, but the contents is blank even thought the sidebar looks valid. "CSO Locations" in the sidebar is also blank. Backing off to their CSO level gives me a useful page. Clicking the "Stickney Area" link gives me list that includes the Racine Ave Pump Station as number 142. This list includes other pumping stations such as Nashville Avenue (#189). But I could not find anything that looks like a pump station there. Also on the list was Southwest Side 13A (#146) and Westchester (#150).

A reference that records "diversions" from the pump stations ("Summary of Activity at Major Pump Stations" link on the CSO Overview page) lists the following pump stations: North Branch, Racine Avenue, Westchester, 95th Street, 122nd Street and 125th Street. (Again, it is a real shame their map page is not working.)

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Workers pause for a portrait during construction of the Calumet Intercepting Sewer in ‪#‎Chicago‬ on February 26, 1924.

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Workers pause for a photo during construction of a portion of the Southwest Intercepting Sewer on November 21, 1935.
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Construction of a section of the Calumet Intercepting Sewer on September 28, 1922, looking north on Avenue N at 100th Street.

It is not worthy of its own post, but I wanted to record how the size of the interceptor sewers varied.
MWRD posted
Inside the Salt Creek 2 interceptor sewer on April 17, 1928.

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