Sunday, October 22, 2017

NS/Southern Bridge over Lake Pontchartrain

(Bridge Hunter; Satellite: South End, Movable SpanNorth End; Street View)

Norfolk Southern Corp posted
Alabama Division train 355 glides across Louisiana's Lake Pontchartrain, nearing New Orleans with mixed freight from Birmingham.
Norfolk Southern has a combined total of 1,830 employees in Alabama and Louisiana. #dyk
Learn more about NS:
Joey Wrenn This bridge is 5.8 miles long , it starts in Slidell to the North and goes to New Orleans, the water is on average 8-10 feet deep
"Arguably the longest railroad bridge in the United States." [BridgeHunter]

I copied the street view because it appears to have caught the bridge in motion. Or do they keep it in this partial position because it is high enough for most boats and low enough to reduce the wind load on the bridge mechanism and foundation?
Street View
The birds-eye view caught it in a closed position.

Birds-Eye View
Norfolk Southern Corp posted
Pictured: Mixed freight train 141 crosses the 5.8 mile long bridge across Lake Pontchartrain between Slidell and New Orleans, La

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