Saturday, October 7, 2017

Indiana Rail Road (INRD)/IC Shuffle Creek Trestle

(Bridge Hunter, no Historic Bridges, Birds-Eye View)

The Tulip Trestle is not the only trestle that the IC's Indianapolis Southern Railroad built to get across the hills of Southern Indiana from Effingham, IL to Indianapolis, IN. And there is a tunnel just a couple of miles timecard south from here.

Robert Brummett posted
Tulip Trestle Jan 18, 2012.Arizona Eastern E8 6070 pauses atop the Shuffle Creek trestle for a quick INRD-sanctioned photo stop on the way to Indy.
[I don't know why the comment begins with Tulip Trestle.]
Photo taken by Richard Koenig in October 1977, from Bridge Hunter
Richard added the following comment in Bridge Hunter to correct their caption on the above photo:
My picture from 1977 shows an Illinois Central Gulf empty unit coal train traveling south (rather than east). It's returning to the coal fields in western Indiana/eastern Illinois.
The Illinois Central was always a north-south railroad, and so this branch from Effingham, Illinois, to Indianapolis, Indiana, (nicknamed the Hi-Dry) gets the same treatment, with Indy being toward the northern end of the branch.
He also added four more photos.




Richard Koenig posted two photos with the comment: "Northbound on Shuffle Creek Viaduct
Two images by Richard Koenig
March 5th 1976"



Bob Kaplan posted
A leased Montana Railink SD40 lead coal empties west across Shuffle Creek Trestle in Trevlac, IN on August 13, 2007.

Bob Kaplan posted
Empty coal cars headed west across Shuffle Creek Trestle at Trevlac, IN on the Indiana Railroad. A leased Montana Rail Link SD40-2R led on August 13, 2007.

Dave Arganbright caught a train in ICG livery in 1984.

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