Tuesday, October 17, 2017

US-50 over Ohio River at Parkersburg, WV

(Bridge Hunter, Wikipedia has a better photo gallery, Satellite, Street View)
The Blennerhassett Island Bridge was built in 2008 to help bypass US-50 traffic around Parkersburg, WV. It is a network arch bridge. The crossing of the hangers in a network arch bridge makes the span act more like a truss than a tied arch.

You can tell this bridge is not in the Chicago area. I would never have all three lanes to myself in the daylight.
At the beginning of our trip to Parkersburg, WV as we are entering West Virginia on the main span. My daughter was taking the pictures.
East elevation taken as we were driving West on OH-7 at the end of our trip to Parkersburg, WV

Taken while further east on OH-7. We got past the buildings of Kraton Polymers, but not the fence.

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