Wednesday, October 18, 2017

CN/EJ&E Griffith Yard

Steven W Panek posted
The CN decided to yard an empty auto rack train on the American Chemical Service lead at Griffith, Indiana. The east end of Griffith Yard is blocked from what l can see. Photo taken this morning [Oct 12, 2017] from the S. Broad St grade crossing
[The engines are on the interchange track that goes to the remnants of the C&O mainline that serves the American Chemical Services plant. The track in the foreground is the interchange track between CN/EJ&E and CN/GTW. Griffith Junction is to the right and behind Steven.]

Below I saved a closeup of a satellite image because it shows the variety of industry still left in Northwestern Indiana and, judging from the white ballast, either four tracks have been added or they have recently had maintenance done to them. Looking at old aerial photos, the yard has not grown. But it may be that they have rather recently restored the yard to its original size after letting the outer tracks deteriorate.

I believe the orange cars are covered coil cars, which makes sense considering both ArcelorMittal and US Steel have big plants up north by the Lake Michigan shore. After all, the EJ&E used to be owned by US Steel. And the tank cars are probably because of the British Petroleum Refinery and companies in the area that service tank cars. What I found particularly interesting was the variety of covered hoppers. I spotted a couple that had 10 hatches on top. That is the most I have seen. And some short ones that have just three hatches. In the lower-left corner is the east end of a tank car loading facility for the pipeline facilities near this yard. I spotted MarathonBuckeye Norco, and Enbridge. Judging from some Bing images, this loading facility is rather new.

The NYC/MC Hartsdale yard no longer exists because the MC Joliet Cuttoff has been abandoned.
Phil Vaclavik posted

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