Thursday, April 5, 2018

Backing Up Long Precast Concrete Beams

I knew that rear dollies for transporting long beams were steerable. What I did not know is that some rear dollies for spancrete have a cab and are powered for backup moves. This example was provided.

Cory Cudahy commented on a posting
However, another comment indicated that is not how the amazing reverse move was done in this video.
Screenshot from a video that Kurt posted that was shared by Jared
A comment by Bradley Laurent on Kurt's posting says that they have a little motor on the rear trailer that powers the hydraulics that steer the rear trailer. The driver in the cab controls the steering of the trailer as well as his front wheels.

Screenshot at -3:10
The lifting of the beam off the red carrier starts at about -2:00. After the cranes move the beam further toward the bridge by the land-base crane swinging and the barge based crane booming up, they both move sideways. The land-based crane moves the normal way by crawling over the wood-planked matting. But the barge-based crane is moved by the tug. Watch the tugboat at the end of the barge at -1:33. You can see the turbo-lab exhaust come out and the prop wash before the barge starts moving sideways. The tugboat on the side also has prop wash to keep the barge snug against the pier as it is moved.

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