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KCS Old Vicksburg 1930 Bridge over Mississippi River at Vicksburg, MS

(Bridge Hunter, no Historic Bridges, John A. Weeks IIISatellite)

John A. Weeks III

Thomas Johnston posted
Found this photo in some of my grandparents photos. I think it may have come from a deck of photos that he purchased when he was at Great Lakes training center in WW2 training in the navy.
Glen Olbermann Didn know the IC had a bridge crossing the Mississippi River there.
Dennis DeBruler I agree. My sources call it a KCS bridge. A 1928 RR Atlas labels the railroad as Yazoo.
Mike Bartels IC spun off the Meridian-Shreveport line to MidSouth Rail in 1986. KCS acquired MidSouth in 1994 and sold a 30 percent interest in this route to Norfolk Southern in 2006 to help finance improvements to what is now called the Meridian Speedway. The bridge was opened in 1930, replacing ferries. A new parallel highway bridge opened in 1973, although the rail bridge wasn't closed to motor vehicles until 1998.
Dennis DeBruler If NS helped improve it for the Meridian Speedway, I wonder how slow the trains went before the improvements. Or was it a matter of increasing the clearances for double-stack containers?

Randall Hampton posted
Vicksburg's combination railroad / highway bridge over the Mississippi River. I'm standing above a tunnel portal.
Dan Gurley Have been there a number of times and stayed in a hotel on the bluff overlooking this spot. This is the only railroad tunnel in the State of Mississippi.

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The ferry service before 1930.
1930's Vicksburg Ferry under the Misc. category

Bob Martin Photo "view from upstream from about mid-river" from Bridge Hunter, cropped
William Brown posted two photos from WaterView Casino and Hotel with the comment: "A pair of over and unders in Vicksburg, Mississippi this morning. UP Atlanta bound Priority Z Train on the KCS headed to a NS handoff at Meridian, Mississippi. The second a KCS Mixed Freight. Both Barges headed to New Orleans, Louisiana." (Why does proximity to water make gambling OK?)


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