Saturday, April 21, 2018

IH: 1847 McCormick Harvester Plant

McCormick moved from Virginia to Chicago so that he could be closer to his market of large, flat farms. He built his first Chicago plant in 1847 at what is now the northeast corner of Michigan Avenue and the river. In 1915, Intinational Harvester moved this and Deering's works to the South Branch and more.


Paul Petraitis posted
This is how the ICRR transformed the lakefront...its an Alexander Hesler panorama from 1858.
Dennis DeBruler I wonder if the building on the other side of the river from the station is the McCormick Harvester plant. He built a factory in Chicago in 1847 to be closer to his market and transportation. From what I have been able to determine, the building was in the northeast corner of what is now Michigan Avenue and the river. This photo also shows how important the grain trade was to Chicago. Schooners took grain to Buffalo for shipment on the canal and brought back coal from the Pennsylvania mines.Paul Petraitis And salt from Buffulo! And yes that's McCormick's plant.

Screenshot, fire damaged
The plant was destroyed by the 1871 fire. Since they had to rebuild anyhow, they rebuilt on the South Branch of the Chicago River were they could have more land and easily expand.

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