Thursday, April 12, 2018

Taking more than just a spring break

On April 3, the blog's author keyword search function quit working correctly. And then on April 5, I could not find five of my postings that I had been adding photos to for over two years. The idea that Google, who owns this blog server, might be loosing my work caused me to stop writing cold turkey. I did think of a third way to look for those five postings, and I did find them. But since one of my motivations for writing these notes was to be a memory tool, a broken search function greatly reduces the value of this blog for me. When you have written over 1000 posts, it is hard to find posts for cross reference links and updates now that the search function is broke.

I was working on this blog seven days a week, most of the days of the year. I'm now going to spend my time doing other things like reading the tractor history books I bought and organizing the tens of thousands of photos I have taken since I started this blog. I have used the "Send feedback" feature of the blog to report the search issue, but to no avail. I think it is ironic that Google is the one that broke a search function and won't fix it.

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