Tuesday, April 3, 2018

MoW: CSX/D&S overpass lost the fight with a truck


D&S is the name in the 1928 RR Atlas. I saw that it stands for Durham and Southern because you can still read the name on the bridge in a Street View.

Joe Dockrill shared WRAL news report
My first reaction was how could a trailer do that. Normally the trailer gets smashed instead of moving the bridge span. Then I read in the WRAL report that "the rig was carrying a Komatsu motor grader." It was a hit-and-run; but they later found the driver. (The report gives the name, I decided not to repeat it.) Both the road and railroad is expected to be closed for weeks. CSX normally runs one or two trains a day over this route.

I guess it is the crossbar at the end of the span that is keeping that span from twisting off the abutment.

I started using Street View to find a clearence sign. But the first thing I saw was a sign indicating trucks should not be on this street. But, by the time a driver sees this sign, what is he supposed to do? There is no way to turn around. He could have at least slowed down. Given how far he pushed the bridge span, he must have been going pretty fast.
Street View

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