Wednesday, April 4, 2018

MoW: Ballast Cars and Aban/Marblehead/Carmeuse Lime Cement Company

(3D Satellite)
Marty Gatton posted
IHB hoppers with fresh paint and new ballast sit in a yard just west of the NS Calumet River Branch just north of 106th street
March 9 2018...4:30pm
Marty Gatton Shots taken from aside the 106th street bridge...
Arturo Gross That's the former Marblehead Lime site, the cars are sitting in a part of the plant that was recently dismantled.
Andy Irvine I spotted these cars in LaGrange Park around 3pm today heading north on the IHB.
Dennis DeBruler I've learned that the middle branch of Pennsy's South Chicago & Southern railroad is now the NS Calumet River Branch.
I'm saving the satellite image because, as Arturo mentioned, the part that made cement, including the long kilns and a big smokestack, has been removed. Just like Buzzi Unicem in Oglesby, IL, it looks like they retained the storage and distribution operations.

3D Satellite
Update: Tom Rutkowski posted photos of a Herzog ballast train where the cars have solar panels.
Kris Rumbut They have GPS and power hatches for romote operations I believe.
Brian R Bundy Ballast train. It dumps via satellite and computer at around 15mph top speed. Dumped a few of these.
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Video of a ballast train dumping at walking speed.

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