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Irondale Grain Elevator


Dwayne Stegner posted
Irondale elevators. The ship is the Harvester
[Comments indicate it was the International Harvester of Interlake Steel Boats.]
1938 Aerial Photo from ILHAP
At first I didn't think I had the correct location because the photo doesn't show the bridge for 106th Street. Then I remembered that a lot can change between 1915 and 1938. The bridge was probably not yet built in 1915.

The Irondale Elevator, 107th Street and Calumet River, was built in 1901. It has a storage capacity of 1,000,000 bushels. In ten hours it can load 150 cars and unload 125 cars. It can load 60,000 bushels of grain per hour into vessels. The grain drying capacity is 75,000 bushels in twenty-four hours. This elevator is of concrete and steel construction, and is equipped with eight 2,000 bushel hopper scales. [October, 1914 B&O Magazine]


Now a single steel grain bin is marketed as 2 million bushels.

On January 10, 1966 a partially demolished grain elevator at 106th and the Calumet River burned in a huge blaze fought by snorkels, fireboats and several piece of equipment. The elevator had been unused since 1952.  [SECHS Newsleter referenced by a Rod Sellers comment on a post

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