Friday, May 4, 2018

Iroquois Lock and Dam on the St. Lawrence Seaway

(Satellite) Note that there are two sets of lock gates at each end. I have not found an explanation as to why this is the case.

Postcard, SHIL028
I became aware of this dam and lock from this photo:
Carl Burkett from Self Unloader ALGOSTEEL - Her Last Transit (source)
With Iroquois Lock behind her, ALGOSTEEL quickly picks up speed and motors by the lower approach wall and the control dam in the background.
(new window) Note the prop wash when he guns the engine after he clears the lock. And you think a hot-rod car has a lot of horsepower.

Not only did they build a river control dam and lock, they moved the entire town of Iroquis, ON, away from the river so that it would no longer be in a flood plain. They built a "house mover" and a road up a hill for it to use. [StLawrencePiks, search for "SHIL001:".] Then search for "SHIL045:" to see what the area looked like after the town, railroad, and highway had been moved uphill but before the old shore was flooded.

CarlzBoats caught a ship entering the lock, a saltie-laker entering the lock

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