Monday, April 22, 2019

Road Bridges over Mississippi River at Quincy, IL

1930 Memorial, eastbound US-24: (Bridge Hunter; Historic Bridges; John A Weeks III)
1986 Bayview, westbound US-24: (Bridge HunterJohn A Weeks III)

The BNSF/CB&Q bridge is further upstream.

Street View from All American Park Road

Street View
[I wanted to get a view of the piers so that you can compare river levels with the video below.]
Steve Denemark posted
Quincy IL riverfront

Screenshot from video posted by Tom Nichols
[The river level is still below this walkway.]

John Weeks III
The Quincy Memorial Bridge is an extremely unusual and significant bridge due to its extremely large non-cantilever continuous truss spans. It is a continuous modified Warren truss. It is nearly a trapezoidal truss, except that the top chord changes its angle slightly towards the ends of the bridge, barely allows it to be a polygonal Warren. It is unusual because most bridges of this size were built as cantilever bridges. However, the Quincy Bridge is not cantilevered, it is just continuous. [Historic Bridges]

John Weeks III

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