Monday, April 1, 2019

Spring cleaning the mouth of a river in Alaska

In this case, the weather is not a river flood. It is the wave action of winter storms.

I picked a screenshot that shows there is more equipment than just the dozer cleaning out the river channel.
I had to skip over many noise comments to find some knowledgeable comments. Fortunately, these appeared in the first 120 of 375 comments.
Joe Anderson It’s remote controlled , I saw one working on wing dams on the Mississippi River . Safety first .
Kelly Daniels I have done similar tasks dozens of time in water so deep the fan was picking up water on a D8. As long as the bottom is firm, it's not a problem.
Drew Cheslett it’s a seasonal thing apparently, they have clear the river mouth after winter storms wash the stones back up the beach & block the river.
Alexis Fausett My dad used to do this when it flooded heavy in our area. He saved many towns and homes from being swept away.
[The river flow in the video is at a normal level. They are cleaning out the channel in anticipation of the spring rains and melting.]

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