Sunday, April 7, 2019

New Bridge over Ohio River at Wellsburg, WV, Bridge

An existing road bridge does not exist so I can't get a satellite image of what was being replaced.

Construction of the $131m design-and-build contract started April, 2018. The contract specified a completion date of March, 2021.
Construct tied-arch bridge offsite and transport it by barge to the project site for installation
Before I get into discussing the years of study that happened before construction started, here is the placement of a rebar cage into a drilled shaft that motivated these notes.
Ben Stalvey shared
888 getting it done
International Union of Operating Engineers, Local 18 posted
Wellsburg-Brilliant Bridge project in District 6 is moving along across the Ohio River!!


"Separated by the Ohio River, the towns of Brilliant, Ohio and Wellsburg, West Virginia are connected by antiquated spans that have exceeded their design life, with one bridge recently demolished because of the inability to modernize it." [Flatiron] However, I fired up Google Earth and went back to 1995. The closest road bridge I found upstream was at Stubenville and the closest bridge downstream was at Wheeling. And the handout confirmed that the "no-build" alternative was to use the two bridges upstream in Stubenville. Then I discovered that Stubenville had a third bridge that had been closed --- Fort Steuben Bridge. [Phase I Report, 1998]

They spent years doing the usual dance of collecting public input and doing environmental assesments.
The Handout, p2
Siemens Church did a very poor job of explaining what they studied. Fortunately, The Handout explains:
A new technology being performed by Seamen . A new technology, being performed by Seamen s Church ’s Church Institute, allowed computer simulation of barging activities along the river. As part of the simulation, barge industry river pilots were able to navigate through a 3D model of the Ohio River with different bridge crossing locations and various span lengths. These studies were coordinated with United States Coast Guard and resulted in major changes to the bridge span length.
The Phase III Report, Deck Width, was completed in 2014.
According to Flatiron's image at the top of these notes, the tied arch main span design was chosen.

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