Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Using rotation to replace bridge spans

We have seen engineers reduce bridge outages by building an arch under a suspended truss and by sliding the old truss out and then sliding the new truss in. But this is the first time I have seen them rotate the new truss in.

Marc Dufour shared five photos with the comment: "Turning the new bridge in while turning out the old one…"
Václav Bejšovec posted
Changing the bridge for a new one
Václav Bejšovec in the rotation of 400 tons


[Given the bracing, I'd say they are turning it counter clockwise as we are facing it. They key would be retrofitting that bearing. A comment observed that it needs to be jacked up as well as turned. The smaller height of the new span shows how steel has become stronger and computer design reduces the factor of safety.]


Václav commented on his post
in winter
[They are replacing the middle span.]

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