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C&WI 15th Street Tower

(no CRJ, Satellite (no trace of where this tower was is left because the C&WI tracks have been removed for redevelopment))
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no Chicago and Northern Indiana Railroad Interlocking Towers

The 15th Street Tower was part of C&WI's route between 21st Street Crossing and Roosevelt Road, which as the route to Dearborn Station.
Dave Durham posted
Bob Lalich Interesting trackwork in the foreground!
Dave Durham Bob Lalich I agree. Its great to be able to see all of this trackwork as it looked at that time. Lots of respect for the old-time railroaders and their tenacity.
Dennis DeBruler Finally, a good photo of C&WI's 15th Street Tower. The few photos I have seen so far always had a train in front of it.

Dennis DeBruler commented on Dave's post
That track going across the front is raising a lot of questions in my mind. I don't see any gaps in the rails that cross it. So is it obsolete and they just cut through it? If it is obsolete, why didn't they just remove it? How did they cut rail back then? A big hacksaw? Now they use a cutoff wheel with hydraulic power from a service truck.

Dennis DeBruler commented on Bill's posting
[Excerpt from C&EI1964ChicagoDearborn-300lg.pdf file from Chicagoland Railfan Group or 1964 Dearborn Approach or .pdf]
Dennis DeBruler also commented on Dave's post
The five tracks that went to Dearborn Station are on the other side of the tower. The tracks leaving the frame in the lower-right corner went to the freight houses of some of the C&WI owners and Santa Fe. 

Bob Lalich commented on my comment on Dave's post
I wondered about those rails as well Dennis. I'm not sure what to make of them. Here is a crop of the Smoke Abatement book map of the area. It shows that there was a white lead plant and foundry next to the tracks. That may offer some clue.

Bob Lalich commented on a post for which I can't get a link

One of eight photos posted by Michael Dye concerning Erie's 14th Street Freight House
A 1972 photo, showing the tracks passing the SE side of the freighthouse, with the 15th Street Interlocking Tower, apparently closed but shown.

Dave Durham posted
Bob Lalich In later years the towers north and south of the NYC/Rock Island viaduct were called 15th St and 16th St respectively.

Bill Molony posted
Two Grand Trunk Western EMD GP9's at 14th Street on the Chicago & Western Indiana tracks with The Maple Leaf - June, 1967.
Dennis DeBruler There is a tower peaking above the train near its end. I need to study some maps to see if that is the C&WI 15th Street Tower. I've seen very few photos of it.
Stan Stanovich ...because of it proximity Mr. Dennis DeBruler, I would dare say it’s the tower at 16th and Clark!!!
Bob Lalich Yes, that is 15th St tower near the right edge of the photo. It was closed by this time. I'll double check but I believe 15th St was remotely controlled from the "new" Roosevelt Road tower when it was built in 1964.

Mike Breski posted
Chicago & Eastern Illinois FP7 #1608 departs Chicago with train #93, the combined southbound "Georgian"/"Hummingbird," circa 1966.
Bob Lalich This train is inbound at 15th St tower.
[Note the RI+NYC overpass in the left background.]

Chicago Odyssey 1 Screenshot @ -1:33
[Note the 15th Street Tower is closed because the windows are boarded up.]
C&EI Historical Society posted
According to the late Ray Curl, C&EI historian, the Georgian's last run was January 30, 1968, thus ending through Dixie-line service via the L&N at Evansville and other southern lines.
Mark Rickert Cant add photos but looking at the track chart and would say specifically the photographer was at the 14th st crossing with the truck trailer on the extreme right blocking the view of the C&EI freight house. I'd further say the engine is on the northbound main and the switch is the crossover from the east lead and the switch next to the engine being the crossover from the west lead to the Southbound main.
Bob Lalich Mark Rickert - you are correct, except the tower is 15th St. If I could post a diagram of 15th St interlocking, everything you described can be verified.
Dennis DeBruler The train is arriving at Dearborn and the tower is the C&WI 15th Street Tower. Or it was. In 1964, a new tower was built by Roosevelt Road that assumed control of this area.

Bill Raia Flickr Photo
ATSF train 19 at 15th Street 7-5-65

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