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Aban/ICG/IC RR Bridge and Coal Mines south of Zeigler, IL

(Bridge Hunter, Satellite)

This is in what the SPV Map calls the Southern Coalfield. I learned when I investigated the BN overpass on I-57 near West Frankfort, IL that there were a lot of coal mines in this area. And several railroads built several spurs to get to those mines. Since the mines are abandoned, those railroad spurs are also abandoned.

Michael Write shared
Old abandoned railroad bridge In Southern Illinois. Some hunters are actually still using this to drive across. There is no way I’d drive my car across it.
This bridge was on the ICG/IC Ziegler District between Christopher and Herrin. It was abandoned by ICG. The following shows part of this route (yellow), the location of this bridge (yellow square), the Johnston City District abandoned by ICG (orange), and a joint IC+CB&Q spur abandoned by those railroads (blue). Old Ben #20 was about half way between the two east/west spurs (red).
Satellite plus Paint

Looking at a 1938 aerial, it appears the SPV Map is wrong. the IC+CB&Q spur to the west appears to go to a mine that was east of IL-148 and between Pond Creek and Big Muddy river. That mine continues north past the mine then curves back east to join the north/south spur. This mine is not identified on the map.
1938 Aerial Photo from ILHAP
Looking at the north end of the SPV Map trace, we see the spur did not go very far south. And there
is a landscar southwest of Zeigler and vacant land northwest of Zeigler that shows where another joint IC+CB&Q spur existed. Near where the spur joined the UP/MoPac/St. Louis, Iron Mountain & Southern route was Zeigler Mine  #2. At the south end of the spur off the spur was Freeman Mine #3. The was obviously a coal tipple in the middle. There were railyards by the tipple and on the northwest side of town. The red line indicates that CB&Q continued on over the IC and SIMS tracks to go east along the north side of the SIMS route until it reached its own tracks a little over a mile to the east. It is interesting to note that Railroad Street in Zeigler does not parallel either of the two railroads that went through it.

1938 Aerial Photo from ILHAP

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