Sunday, July 7, 2019

BNSF/CB&Q crossing over IHB in Lagrange, IL


The BNSF/CB&Q Racetrack does not have a single grade crossing with another railroad. The IHB goes under it. I spent some time along Hazel Ave railfanning because I could see BNSF action as well as IHB. However, when BNSF trains come through at 70mph, it is hard to frame a shot of subsequent locomotives in that little window between trees. You can see 20161017 for all of the photos I took. I selected this photo because it shows how the tracks dip down so that double-stack container trains can fit under the bridge.
20161017 6353, cropped
A railfan would pick this one because the nose of the locomotive is not in a shadow.

Actually, maybe this one is better for showing the IHB dip under the BNSF.

Looking at a satellite image, we can see there are connections in the northeast and southeast quadrants. Nick's post was my motivation for checking the connections. That autorack train would use the southeast connection from IHB to BNSF.
Nick Hart posted
A KCS Southern Belle GE approaches East Avenue in La Grange, headed for the BNSF connection less than a mile up the line. This is train GP1 (Nick Justice, or is it GP2?), which runs from IHB's Gibson Yard to BNSF's Clyde Yard in Cicero. Thanks to a little birdie for the heads up.
IHB Mainline
La Grange, IL
Nick Justice GP1 9/10 times lol, GP2 only if the 1pm crew is new guys and not qualified to Cicero lol.
Nick Hart Thanks for the info. I thought I recalled hearing it as GP2 a time or two in the past, so I was curious. lol
Ean Kahn-Treras The ever present coal loads for Argo in the distance as well.
Ean Kahn-Treras Nick Hart Too short of a distance. A tease!
Nick Hart Yep...quite the sound when a pair of SW1500's take 'em in.
Nick Justice Burnt out signal aspect too lol

Street View

(new window) It is on the IHB going under the BNSF/CB&Q Racetrack. At 1:58, note the worker down by the track looking under the car to make sure they don't lower it so much that it hits the track. At 8:09 it creaks, literally around the sharp connector in the northeast quadrant. The first two parts are in Schnabel Car.

The comments on the above video provides links to several Flickr photos. This one shows the dip of the IHB tracks under the bridge quite well.

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