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Aban/NS/N&W Cincinnati Junction Bridge over Scioto River near Portsmouth, OH

(Bridge Hunter, no Historic Bridges)
Historic Bridges has some of the bridges in Scioto County, but not this one.

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"Norfolk Southern (ex N&W) inactive peavine line bridge crossing the Scioto River north of Portsmouth, Ohio. This line was taken out of service due to settlement issues with the bridge and the western approach."
Steven Ward Hard to believe that the mighty J class engines used to run about 100 MPH.
Kevin Pike Steven Ward still owned by NS between Portsmouth and Cincinnati, Ohio. It is leased on the west end from Cincinnati to just east of Peebles, Ohio to Cincinnati Eastern Terminal with light traffic and car storage. The washouts on the east end would have to fixed before anything could run on the half.
Steven Ward First of all, thank you for clearing that up for me on who owns that line. I heard it was sold off. Thank you for straightening that up for me. I saw trains parked on it in various spots. But wash outs? I didn't know there was any wash outs. Where at exactly? I heard the bridge shifted 5 feet.
Steven Ward NS got the former NYC main from Columbus, Springfield, Dayton, to Cincinnati line which at first ran a lot of trains on that line when Conrail was around. NS got that line in 97. Now sees maybe 13 trains per day. So NS may run trains up to Columbus then down to Cincinnati.

This bridge shows the importance of understanding a river's flood plain. Seven of the nine spans are over "dry land." But that was not enough because it looks like a washout of the embankment on the northwest side is part of the problem.
Screenshot at 3:59
Kevin Pike posted a couple of photos by Preston Whitt near Rushtown as comments. They show why railroads need to spend so much money on track maintenance. And the bridge suffers from shifting piers.


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