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RORO and LOLO Ships

RORO = Roll-On-Roll-Off
LOLO = Lift-On-Lift-Off
Upper Lakes Shipping from Jenish, p100
A typical short-sea shipping vessel with ro-ro, lo-lo capabilities — that’s short for roll on, roll off, load on, load off. Trucks can use the ramp at the stern to drive onto the cargo deck, while the two big cranes are used to lift cargo.  

A pure RORO ship

Justin Andress shared four photos posted by Tadano.
Hoegh Trotter, one of the world's largest Pure Car and Truck Carrier (PCTC), arrived at the Port of Takamatsu to load our rough terrain cranes purchased by our North American customers!




Jesse Pontorno added three photos to the share with the comment: "They've been rolling them off the boat today in port Newark, NJ"


Screenshot @ -0:35
[When one of these 70m units arrived in Australia, it was the largest in Australia.
It is nice to learn that some neat things are still manufactured in USA.]

U. S. Coast Guard via CarAndDriver
[4,200 cars were on board. All crew members have been rescued, but according to a 9-10-2019 Chicago Tribune report, the Coast Guard had to make two different cuts in the hull to get the last four members out. It was built in 2017 and has a capacity of 6933 vehicles. The Tribune also reported that the Golden Ray is blocking the shipping lane for one of the busiest automotive ports in the US. Already, one outgoing and four incoming ships are blocked.]
Georgia Department of Nautrual Resources via CarAndDriver
[It rolled over even further after the Coast Guard arrived.]
Georgia Department of Nautrual Resources via CarAndDriver

Georgia Department of Nautrual Resources via CarAndDriver

Pure LILO Ships

Paul R Murray posted
MUNTGRACHT - Upbound Port Huron, Michigan 5-14-2017
I have seen photos of ships with their own cranes in transit. But they are folded up in transit. I didn't realize that they can unfold into such long booms.
BigLift Shipping posted
Happy Ranger carrying 8 straddle carriers
Jens van Weele With fly-jib!
[I believe the fly-jib is the last section of this boom. Evidently not all ship cranes have such long booms.]

Happy Dragon discharging crewboat

See Transport Wind Turbine Parts by Ship for several more examples of LILOs.

Multipurpose that includes RORO

Ben Stalvey commented on his posting
[Back when it made its cranes on the peninsula, it could easily ship its big ringer crawlers using a boat. (Probably on a boat it made because they started as a boat company and became a crane company.)]

Steve Robinson posted
A heap of Manitowoc Crawlers either going somewhere or coming back from somewhere.
[The comments indicate these are 4100s with counterweights.]
James Long John Blake it could have been the maitowoc docks. The WIL lines went most every where, but mostly houston, florida, south america and the virgin islands. My dad was the superintendent at the jacinto port yard in houston for wil.

Ben Stalvey posted
A little bit of blast from the past Manitowoc Wisconsin style. Back when Manitowoc Cranes would be shipped out by ocean going vessel. At the old plant along the Manitowoc River. Just a neat photo from my collection I wanted to share with everyone. I believe the oil/ fuel tanker acrossed the way by Wisconsin Fuel and Light was the SS Meteor.
James Long The Pilot was the biggest ship in the West Indies Shipping line. I worked on them for 3 summers in high school on the docks in Houston.
Vincent Umstot Full counterweight with no boom, that's touchy !

Ben Stalvey posted
Blast from the past some 4100 Ringers loading out of Manitowoc WI.

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