Saturday, July 13, 2019

World's largest concrete pump truck

I saw two posts for this pump truck in two days, and I discovered I already had a photo in Concrete Industry and Boom Pumping Trucks. So I decided this monster is worth its own set of notes.

It is nice to learn that some neat things are still manufactured in USA.

Howard Pletcher posted
World's largest concrete pumping truck. 5 axle trailer, 5 axle truck, 175,000 GCW.
Story at Trucking Info


John W. Coke posted

Screenshot @ -0:35
[When one of these 70m units arrived in Australia, it was the largest in Australia.]
It must not have sold very well because I found it in a sidebar of discontinued products. Following the VIEW ALL PRODUCTS link, the largest boom truck I found was 63Z-METER.

John W. Coke posted
Putzmeister M 70 5 [Note, that is a hot link.]

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