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16th Street Industrial Spur in Cicero, IL

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A 2008 Flickr photo by Ed of a couple of CSX engines motivated me to research the railroad route along 16th Street in Cicero, IL. When I took this picture at Cicero Avenue, I was on 16th Street facing west. Note the tracks are on the north side and have active crossing lights. But I don't see any crossing gates. In the background you can see a crossing signal for 16th Street. That is because the tracks cross from the north side to the south side a little west of Cicero. West of Laramie, there were spurs to industries north and south of 16th Street.

The crossing that used to serve National Castings is gone because that company has been torn down.

Another view of the two CSX locomotives assigned to this branchline.

6443 is a former B&O GP40-2 that was built in June, 1981. 2252 is a road slug. [TheDieselShop]

It appears there is a bulk transloading facility that is still getting covered hoppers. (Streetview) I don't know what railroad is switching this line today.

This would have been the branchline that served Kropp Forge and several other industries further north.
Martin Simane posted
Maybe the summer of 1993 or 94.
The track to the left would be the MJ.
I must have on the the BRC when I took this. I spent a lot on time just sitting waiting my turn to get into Cleaning Yard.
The train is coming off the 16th Street branch and heading back north to the former Wisconsin Central mainline to Grand Central Station. Rather soon after WC built it, B&OCT bought the WC Chicago property out to Forest Park, IL where CN/WC/SOO/WC turned north and CGW continued west. B&O bought Grans Central Station to move its passenger trains from the IC's Central Station to its own station. (Michigan Central was a co-tenant of  Central Station and they considered B&O a direct competitor since they went to the East.) Note that Chicago had two Central Stations, with and without the "Grand."

Rimas Novickis commented on a posting:
b&o engines went up and down 16th street in cicero 24 / 7, from cicero ave west to laramie ave, tho their right of way (2 working sets of tracks) did have curbs on both sides.there were spurs going off to factories up and down that stretch ... then a huge split up southward spur to 2 industrial areas west of laramie.
it was our playground - i flew kites in the middle of the street there.

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