Friday, October 21, 2016

Hubbard Street Tunnel

Because of C&NW's Hubbard Street Yard and the other rail facilities in the area and because I-90/94 was buried through downtown to go under all of the existing east/west roads, I-90/94 went under almost two city blocks.

1938 Aerial Photo from ILHAP
Looking at a 1962 aerial photo in Historic Aerials, some of the tracks had been removed and the buildings in the middle had been replaced by a new building that supported truck trailers. But the "tunnel roof" still had to be strong enough to support tracks and buildings. (The Halsted Street Viaduct was still a truss bridge in 1962.) Today, it supports parking lots.


David Daruszka commented on Wayne Hudak's posting
 "Shoofly" used during Kennedy construction.
Note all of the fire fighting water towers on top of the buildings.]
This was where the C&NW West Line crossed the Kennedy about a block north of the yard areas.

I had my daughter drive me around Chicago so that I could take pictures of some bridges. Here are the pictures I grabbed as we went south on I-90/94.

20150502 0616
I left the rear-view mirror in the frame because I wanted to maximize the capture of the of the Willis/Sears Tower. The road bridge is Hubbard Street and the railroad bridge is UP/C&NW's West Line.
We are under the West Line bridge looking at the Green Street and Kinzie Street bridges and the beginning of Hubbard Street Tunnel.

You can tell the difference between the Kinzie Street Bridge and the Hubbard Street Tunnel because of the thickness of the steel girders.  The girders are thicker than a minivan is tall!

I extracted a closeup in an attempt to show how dense the girders are placed.
Speaking of bridges, the lower level is Lake Street and the upper level carries the Green and Pink "L" trains.

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