Thursday, October 27, 2016

PRR Bridge over Susquehanna River in Rockville, PA

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3D Satellite
The line of "green dots" is the piers for the previous steel truss bridge. Before that, there was a covered wooden bridge here!

An album of construction pictures for the current stone arch bridge, the worlds longest. The comments are also interesting. On the same day I researched the construction photos I came across a photo by Greg Morgan. Jenevieve Marie posted some pictures that give a perspective on how large the bridge is. Note that  the stones in the pier are about 2.5 feet thick.

Jen Marie posted
Some Dude wrote me yesterday...and Said what is Rail fanning?...I said this will take some time to Explain....
Jack Stoner posted his photo
September 19, 2015 at 8:11am, NS eastbound Roadrailer eases across the venerable Rockville Bridge. According to reports from Norfolk Southern, this train may be but just a memory by the end of the year.
Jack Stoner posted his photo
A Norfolk Southern manifest rolls across the 1902 vintage Rockville bridge from Enola yard September 19,2015. At 3820 feet it remains the longest railroad viaduct of stone arch construction in the world. Not the first structure on the site; the bases for the piers of the 1849 structure owned by PRR and used by the Northern Central (trackage rights) after abandoning their Marysville bridge, can be seen from above the locomotive consist following to the west shore of the river.
Nina Oliphant posted
Jack Stoner posted his photo
A firey red sunrise illuminates a Norfolk Southern Intermodal train crossing the 3820 foot, 113 year old Rockville Bridge October 24, 2015. This dramatic lighting lasted only minutes and was gone. Lucky to get a train at just the right time!
Jenevieve Marie posted
Marysville, PA 2014
Jenevieve Marie posted
Marysville, PA
Jenevieve Marie posted
Rockville Bridge 2014
Jenevieve Marie posted
Rockville Bridge, Marysville, PA 1990
[In this case, the Santa Fe engines are as interesting as the bridge.]
Brian Kincaid posted
Closest thing to an Easter Egg like locomotive-Interstate RR Heritage Unit on the Rockville Bridge in Marysville, Pennsylvania on Holy Thursday 2014.

Jack Stoner posted his photo
Keneth Badgett posted
As of this past thursday I caught these guys on the rockvillie bridge.
[Rock (Rock Island hoppers) on Rock]
Norfolk Southern Corp posted
Did you know that Norfolk Southern has 4,920 employees, 2,560 railroad retirees, and 2,400 miles of track operated in the Keystone State? #DYK#Pennsylvania
Pictured: Hopper train 595 crosses the massive Rockville Bridge across the Susquehanna River, departing Harrisburg, Pa., with the Illinois Terminal heritage unit leading.
Bill Mason Those rocks above the bridge is where I caught 32 small mouth bass in the 80's. Got to watch trains all day and caught a ton of fish... loved it!Randolph Caruso Is that an Amtrak train heading east?
Jenevieve Marie posted

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