Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Allis Chalmers Model G, 1948

Screenshot at -8:41 from video
I don't plan to normally do just one tractor model in a posting, but this rear-engine model is so unique, I think it deserves its own posting.

The "up front" visibility sounds like such a good idea, I wonder why the design did not take off. New designs often get copied by other manufactures. An example is big round and square balers. Maybe this design was too radical. There seems to be a "I use what my Dad used" phenomenon in tractor purchases. (Note how many farms are either all green or all red.) A bigger issue is that if someone bought this tractor, they would also have to replace all of the implements they owned because they would not be compatible. Since they are trying to appeal to the small farmer that wants a cheap tractor (e.g. it is small and it uses long levers instead of hydraulics), the expense of all new implements would be an issue.

Screenshot at -8:15 from video

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