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Steiger Farm Tractors

There is a Steiger Facebook group.

Since I have a posting for Versatile Tractors, it is only fair that I have a posting for Steiger Tractors since they helped pioneer the tractor design of an articulated frame.

The Steiger family built their first tractor in their barn to provide a bigger tractor for their farming operation during the winter of 1957. In 1963 they became serious about designing and building tractors. They built about 125 tractors of five different designs in their barn.  In 1969 they joined forces with some business men and built a factory in Fargo, ND with 26 employees. Growth continued and they moved to a second plant that currently houses the Case Engineering Test Center in Fargo.
In May 1974, ground was broken for the current production facility. The new 420,000 sq. ft. manufacturing plant was finished in less than a year and had the capacity to produce a new STEIGER tractor every 18 minutes. In the 1970’s, more than 1,100 people worked at the STEIGER facility.
During this time frame, STEIGER also produced more than 10,000 tractors for Allis-Chalmers, Ford, CCIL's Canadian CO-OP Implement Limited and International Harvester. In 1977, annual sales hit $104 million and in 1979 the plant built its 10,000th tractor.
In January 1986, another revolutionary tractor, the PUMA 1000, was introduced. It was the first STEIGER tractor built with a steerable front axle and articulated steering, making maneuvering in row crop applications with a larger tractor possible. In the same year, a 12-speed powershift transmission was introduced on all STEIGER tractors. 
The poor farm economy of the 80’s also took its toll on the STEIGER Tractor Co. With the worldwide farm economy struggling, STEIGER sold fewer tractors. In 1986, with the plant operating at 25% capacity, STEIGER filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Later that year, Tenneco Inc., then the parent company of Case, bought the company.
With the purchase of STEIGER, Case continued producing the green STEIGER tractors and simultaneously introduced the first red 9100 Series Case IH STEIGER tractors. Production of green STEIGER tractors continued until June 1989. 
In 1996, Case IH introduced the STEIGER QUADTRAC at 360 HP. In 1998, a 400-HP model was released. The unique QUADTRAC featured four separate tracks (one on each corner) which worked independently to provide a level of ground contact that cannot be matched by four-wheel drive or twotrack systems. The new design reduced ground compaction and provided more traction and less slippage. In addition to being an outstanding farming vehicle, it also proved itself to be one of the best performing tractors ever produced to work in the tough scraper land-leveling market.
You can tell that quadtrac was a good invention because other tractor manufactures have now developed a comparable design for their articulated frame tractor. The quadtrac is also being added to the front axle of combines.

Spencer Gray posted three photos:



Rod Bickner posted
[A Panther Model]
Screenshot from video of chiseling in granular fertilizer. I like this video because it starts with showing how they fill the fertilizer cart. When your equipment is so big, you don't want to be unloading sacks. I guess the fertilizer is blown through hoses to each chisel.
Screenshot of  video of using a Steiger to "worm" its way through North Dakota snow to clear a path. It is a nice demonstration of how an articulated tractor articulates.
Big Tractor Power posted
STEIGER will mark 60 years of tractor production in 2017. "Barney" was the first STEIGER tractor built on the Steiger Brothers farm in the winter of 1957.
Dan Kunde posted four photos with the comment: "First i ever saw one in person. Was really cool to get up close to one. For sale at a local dealer here in Iowa." The comments are interesting. A-C used the Stieger frame, but their own drive line and a Cummins engine. Both the IH and the Cummins engines seemed to have reliability problems. And there was a complaint about the IH drive line.
Dalten Stegner White cab. Early model




Tractor Fan Club posted
[Do they really think a tractor has to be pink before a woman would drive it?]
Shawn Zielinski shared Combines Harvesters Threshers's post with two photos.

Sam Collier This machine was scrapped many years ago, it was designed to throw John Deere designers off of their development of 4wd tractors.

Geoff Mackenzie Steiger built the Steiger 2wd tractor in the early 1980's. This high horsepower 2wd tractor proto-type used the frame of a Panther 1000 and ran with rear triples to apply all of its power to the ground. Notice all of the tires on the trailer above. 

he 2wd Steiger was a reported 300-350 hp, weighing in at 20,000 plus pounds. Steiger ran into development problems with its two 2wd test models. In order to make good use of the two prototypes Steiger rented farmland near the John Deere Waterloo works. John Deere was preparing to unveil its new 50 series 4wds and Steiger was completing its work on the 1000 series. In order to beat John Deere to market the 2wds were used as a diversionary tactic by Steiger. The 2wd Steigers were run out in the open for everyone to see in Waterloo Iowa. After viewing the Steiger 2wds John Deere engineers went back to the drawing board on the 50 series 4wds fearing if Steiger could build massive 2wds their 4wds would be even more impressive. While the 50 series under went design touch ups Steiger rolled the 1000 series 4wds out. After several years of development Steiger planned to release the 2wd Steiger to dealers and farmers in 1986. Only a standard 2wd tractor was planned for production. Steiger never looked at or planned fwa as an option. Unfortunately, due to a slow Ag economy in the mid 1980's Steiger was unable to fund production of the 2wd and a year after its planned introduction Tenneco purchased Steiger for its J.I. Case tractor division. The two 2wd Steigers were cut up for scrap

Jordan Konkol Steiger history movie the guy who had to destroy the prototype said only one was made then torn down piece by piece.

Brenton Soule Yes sir rigid frame steiger.

Scott Whitlow That thing is all motor!!!



Tom Leonard posted
New bushings in the wildcat 1000. Case serial tag in it and grey interior
CASE IH posted
Th​e #CaseIH Steiger 620 tractor​, in both Wheeled and Quadtrac configurations, set new records for drawbar fuel efficiency, drawbar horsepower, and maximum pull ​in recent tests at the Nebraska Tractor Test Laboratory

Video of Steiger power growth.

Video of CaseIH's quadtrac's evolution and new models in operation.

Video of pictures of the restoration of a 1969 2200N, before, during and after.

Video of 1250 that was built on the Steiger farm in about 1967 or 68.

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