Thursday, October 27, 2016

CSX/Big Four Bridge over Great Miami River in Sidney, OH

(Bridge Hunter, Historic BridgesSatellite)
Greg Schultz posted
Concrete viaduct in Sidney, OH. Not sure if it was NYC or PRR. From a slide I took in 1998. The viaduct is still active.
I thought all of the big concrete arch viaducts were in east coast states. I did not realize that there was one this close to the Chicago area. This bridge ups my priority to make a trip to Columbus, OH, although Sidney would be a bit of a detour.

My 1928 RR Atlas shows the north/south route through Sidney was B&O and the east/west route was Big Four (Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago & St. Louis). Big Four was controlled and then bought by the New York Central. When Conrail was split between NS and CSX, CSX got this route so it now has a monopoly on traffic in Sidney, OH since it always owned the B&O route.

Both railroads had viaducts, but this bridge is on the east/west route. Looking at satellite images, the southern viaduct has only one arch that does not have trees in it. The eastern viaduct has multiple clear arches and their is little truss bridge close by that is in the lower-left corner of this photo.

Historic Bridges mentioned the piers of a Big Four bridge that got destroyed by a flood in 1913. A couple of hours after reading that I came across this posting.

Mark Slater posted
Bridge supports from the former CCC&StL (Big Four) over the Miami River in Sidney Ohio. Line was moved south of town in 1920s.
Five of the six photos posted by Bill Edrington with the comment:
The massive poured-concrete viaduct over the Great Miami River at Sidney was built by the Big Four in 1923. It replaced a low-level, flood-prone crossing of the river and eliminated the severe grades associated with it. Part of the old main line still exists as an industrial spur. The relocated "Bee Line" main line is still a primary CSX line today.
Bill posted again.

The detail photos are interesting because they show that spalling is becoming an issue.





Tanner Wical commented on Bill's second posting
There is also this one just outside of Sidney.
Fourth photo posted by David Hicks
Viaduct is in Sidney and quite the structure.
J B Lawson Sr. try going close too that bridge a few days after 9/01/11 Army guys on both sides of the Viaduct, going over the bridge at 60 mph. told my Big E, if the bridge goes Bye, Bye. I'd meet him at the old passenger station on the Indy Line!!!

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