Saturday, April 22, 2017

BNSF/CB&Q Bridge over Illinois River at Beardstown, IL

(Bridge Hunter, John A. Weeks IIISatellite, Google Photo)

Street View

Fred Monger posted a photo of a couple of BNSF pumpkins on the lift span. His comment was:
June 30, 2015 Illinois river at Beardstown 29.5.
Is "29.5" the river level? It does look rather high in the photo. But he didn't include any piers so it is hard to judge the river level. Looking at some Bridge Hunter photos, it appears the river is normally pretty close to the bottom of this bridge. John Weeks indicates the clearance is 20 feet.

The design of the lift towers look rather new. Neither Bridge Hunter nor John indicate when this bridge was built. Fortunately a comment in Bridge Hunter puts it at 1972. The comment also indicates that the previous swing bridge forced the tows to be broken up to pass just a few barges at a time through the narrow channel. The lift span is 300' wide.

That is a long ways for me for a field trip, but I noticed the road bridge is still a truss bridge.

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