Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Self-Erecting Tower Cranes and Potain

Thumbnail on Potain
I'm seeing evidence that a mobile crane is not necessarily a telescopic-boom crane. It might be carrying a self-erecting tower crane.

I didn't use the embedded version of this Liebherr MK-88 video because it was click bait. The contents is actually more interesting than the thumbnail. The man in the lower-left corner is the operator that is using a remote control to control the crane.
Another Screenshot

The next day I came across a reference to "Potains."

Chas Burger posted
The girlfriend took me to Chicago last weekend ...lots of potains around the city
From above picture
I spotted two cranes in the above picture and they both seem to have the design of self-erecting tower cranes.

Potain was founded in La Clayett, France, in 1928. It is now a subsidiary of Manitowoc that makes tower cranes.
Potain self-erecting
Steven Xzin shared
Big Potain
Steven Xzin posted
Cecil Muncy Good lord at the amount of cable needed
Rich Reiter Potain MDT128Jimmy Cupps Can you just imagine how much that thing sways when the wind picks up.
[If I hadn't already read the above posting, I would not have known that the comment was referring to the tower crane. I'm frustrated that none of the comments indicate where this bridge is being built.]
Howard Hultquist posted
Don Rhino Rhines GTK-1100 http://grovecranes.blogspot.com/.../gtk-1100-grove...Luke Keagy Be seeing those on wind farms soon.Don Rhino Rhines I don't think they make them any more.Dennis Faust I think your correct Rhino!
[Only two of the possible five tower segments are out. They are probably still erecting the tower part.]
Josh Karras commented on the above posting.
John W. Coke posted
[This must be what it looks like when it is "folded up" for transport.]
Brandon Storie posted three photos with the comment: "Whole lotta engineering in these things."



Brandon Storie posted nine more comments with the comment: "Pretty nifty, no cab though, all R/C."
Brandon Storie 8t, can pick 3000lbs at 164ft










There are some Potain cranes working on the Tappan Zee Bridge.

Video of Grove GTK1100 being set up, doing work such as building a windmill, and coming down.

There is currently (Summer 2017) a crane erected just a few blocks from where I live.

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