Wednesday, April 19, 2017

MoW: Snow Plow

I've discussed rotaries for big snows, spreaders for smaller snows, and other snow removal techniques, but the Hocking Valley Scenic Railway is the first time I've seen a big plow up close and personal. Note the hand brake wheel on top is in the middle of the unit.

As I went up the stairs, I noticed that it was built in April, 1946. This unit was NYC X625.

The part in the middle is a "wing" that can be folded out to push the snow further away from the track.
The wings are attached at the front with four hinges.

I had a hard time getting this picture of the inside because of the sun's glare off of the window. I was finally able to hide most of the glare with my left hand while I took the picture with my right hand. There were two of these "ram" units. I concentrated on getting the one on the right side since they were identical. I assume it is the ram that pushes the right wing out. Since it has a large diameter, I'm guessing it used compress air instead of hydraulics.

The stuff at the bottom of the picture is paint supplies and an adjustable wrench. It is nice to see that they are actively maintaining this unit. One problem with some museums is that they get equipment, but then they don't have enough volunteers to maintain the equipment and it ends up rotting away anyhow.

Since I was not willing to chop down that power pole, I'm afraid the background of this shot has a lot of clutter.

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