Monday, April 3, 2017

BNSF/Santa Fe Bridge over Des Plaines River in Lemont, IL

(no Bridge Hunter, Satellite)

20140514 0023, taken from the High Bridge at 26mm because I wanted to include the two Egrets on the left
Looking Upstream

Digital zooming of the above
I didn't notice until I looked at the satellite image that there is a set of unused piers downstream of the existing bridge.

I struggled to get a photo of the upstream side from Canal Bank Road. The struggle was trying to find a break in the treeline along the bank. This is the best I found with the restriction of staying on the road.

1938 Aerial Photo from ILHAP
I went back to a 1938 aerial photo to see what was on the old piers. To my surprise, the bridge had already been replaced with the current bridge that provides a more gentle curve for the approach. Or the piers were for an old interurban railroad. But the only interurban I have read about in this area stayed on the south side of the river and canal.
Jerry Jackson commented on his posting of the CSSC Bridge that is about 500 feet further down the track
Jerry Jackson commented on his posting of the CSSC Bridge that is about 500 feet further down the track

We had heavy rains in the metro area on Oct 14, 2017. Robby Gragg has a Flickr photo taken Oct 17.

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