Monday, March 12, 2018

(NS/Sou)+(CSX/L&N) Bridges over Tennessee River at Decatur, AL

(Bridge Hunter, Satellite)

Not only do NS and CSX share this bridge, the satellite image show they fork in the river on the north side.

1885 Swing Bridge

Street View, 1978-79 Lift Bridge
[The clearance is just 30' so it needs to be raised for barge traffic.]
Street View, maximum resolution
Brad McClelland posted
In the 1980's Seaboard System and early CSX used GE B30-7's on there intermodal trains. These locomotives were given a nickname of TOTE Boats, a L&N term for Trailer on Train Express.
On Friday October 14, 1988 at 2:40 pm, southbound R-121 crossing the Tennessee River in Decatur, Alabama. This former L&N main crossed Southern's Chattanooga to Memphis line. here at River Junction.

Ed Robertson posted four photos and a video with the comment: "Norfolk Southern vertical lift bridge crossing the Tennessee River in Decatur, Alabama. No luck spotting a train crossing but was able to get the bridge lift in operation."
David Mitchell Forrest Sharpe I remember when this was a swing span bridge and watched its conversion to a lift bridge. Between CSX,NS and the river traffic, it gets a good workout round the clock





Some photos and a video
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