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Trail/BNSF/GN 1914 Bridge over Yellowstone River near Fairview, MT

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This HAER record is for the nearby Snowden Bridge. I include it because these two bridges have a similar design and the HAER includes several interior shots of the lift machinery.

Unfortunately, this flooded river soon joins the Missouri River so this flood will help prolong the flooding of the Missouri River. Because of the proximity of this bridge to the Missouri River, I have added the "wwMou" label.
Robert Kjelland shared
Chris Marcie Cottrell Why would there be an enormous lift bridge? The Yellowstone is not a navigable river. That looks more like the Missouri downstream of Gavin’s Point dam.
Robert Kjelland Chris Marcie Cottrell when this bridge was built the Yellowstone was classified as a navigable river that not long before saw paddle wheelers, including one that returned Custer’s horse from the Little Bighorn to Bismarck. The Soo Line was forced to put a swing bridge over the Red River between North Dakota and Minnesota for the same reason. It too was never used.

Chalk-a-Lot Dreams & Things posted
Please pray for the Fairview area folks being flooded by the river!
Sheila Eggum Fink Holy Crap!!! I know that river floods, but I haven’’t seen it like that!
[There are more comments about this being the worse they have seen.]
A view of the bridge with a more typical river level.
Flickr Photo by The Goat, License: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike (CC BY-NC-SA)
This photo shows the different high water marks on the pier. The current flood level is near the top of the ice-breaking slope. That makes it higher than any of the previous watermarks on the pier.

Note the bluff at the other end of the bridge. That is where the tunnel is.
Richard DeBrunner, Apr 2017
Ethan Akerly, Apr 2017
The tunnel has a curve.

Flickr Photo by The Goat, License: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike (CC BY-NC-SA)

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