Saturday, August 13, 2016

2016 Sycamore Steam Show & Threshing Bee

20160811 4237: 1920 Vilter 250 HP Tandem Compound Steam Engine
This was the 60th show sponsored by the Northern Illinois Steam Power Club (NISPC). Once again at a steam show, I filled up a 4G memory card. Some of the pictures I took have been added to existing posts such as sawmills, JI Case Steam Tractors, and manure spreaders. For now, I'm just going to do some highlights while I try to figure out what to do with all of the other photos and videos.

The Parade of Power lead off with their Dain Tractor.

They must store it in a building because I could not find it later to take some pictures of the Dain. I did take pictures of the other side and of the back of the Challenger that is also shown in the above video.

Next in the parade was the NISPC's Illinois Threshing Company's Steam Tractor.

I took videos of all of the steam engines. If they were JI Case, I added them to an existing posting. The others were used to create a new posting. The four primitive internal combustion engines are in this video. I took pictures of all of the tractors in the parade and videos of some of the older ones. I'll use them to augment existing postings or to help create new postings in the future. I'll probably update this posting as I use the material in other postings. But I need to publish now so that I can get a URL to use in other contexts such as You Tube and postings that I have already augmented. You may want to check back later to see if I made much progress with the additional pictures and videos.

Their site has pictures of parades. I wonder which year had this many steam tractors.
There were only a handful there on Thursday of 2016. But that was enough to have at least one in operation most of the time doing the sawmill, a thresher, or field tillage work.

One really nice aspect of this show is that all of the tractor display lines are under trees so you are walking around in the shade. This is a real nice feature on a hot August afternoon.

A reminder that Studebaker existed in South Bend, IN long before they started making cars. The red board sticking out at the top of the front is probably the tongue that would be attached to the front of the wagon and go between the horses. It would be quite a tripping hazard if it was left in its normal position.
The windmill was added in 1985.

They were restocking their steam shovel with coal while I was there. I came across a video of it in action, but now I can't find it again. But I did find another video.

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