Monday, August 1, 2016

B&OCT Chicago Territory Map

Scott Griffith posted
All the routes that a B&OCT engineer must know this current day
This is one of those postings where the comments were also very interesting.d (A crew can work only for 12 hours straight. They must stop the train rather than exceed 12 hours. I believe "work" means from when they report for duty no matter what they are doing during that 12 hours. That is, setting in the cab of a stopped train waiting for something to happen like a meet or MoW getting out of the way is "working.")

David Daruszka When I worked for the WC I had folders for all the different railroads and yards we operated to and from. The CORA book doesn't cover the minutiae of operating in the Chicago Terminal. I probably worked to 90% of those places on the map, and a few that aren't on it.
Peter Zimmermann B&OCT crews will dog catch for crews for road crews out Danville, Garrett, Grand Rapids and Lafayette.
Dennis DeBruler This is a fascinating thread. How the railroad works interests me more than pictures of trains. What is "dog catch?
Peter Zimmermann A dog catch is when a road crew's hours of service expires before they can reach the terminal and a terminal crew goes out and "catches" the the train and brings it into/through the terminal.
Dennis DeBruler Peter Zimmermann Thanks. I wondered what happened when a crew "dies."
Peter Zimmermann Yep.
Adam Hill Willard and New Baltimore also.
Dennis DeBruler Wow. A Chicago crew would be almost half-dead by the time they reached Willard.

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