Thursday, August 18, 2016

Wells Street Bridge

(Bridge Hunter, Historic Bridges, Chicago Loop Bridges, John Marvig) See Historic Bridges for a description of the 2011-12 rehabilitation. They built new trusses that preserved the historic look and floated them in place to minimize the downtime of the "L." Note the links to videos.

Veronica Drake posted a postcard of Wells Street Bridge and the photo that was probably tinted to make the postcard. I'll have to research which C&NW station is in the background.

Veronica Drake -> Forgotten Chicago
Veronica Drake -> Forgotten Chicago
Comment on MWRD share
From the roof of 77 E.Wacker.
Nick Gawriluk commented on a MWRD posting
Unknown location but this photo was taken on 7/14/21 by Carl Kehm.
Jeff Bransky The presence of the clock tower in the background looks like the Reid Murdock building on the north side of the main branch. That means we are looking east at the Wells Street Bridge. The current Wells Street Bridge was opened in 1922, eight years before the Merchandise Mart appeared in 1930. This is the eighth Wells Street Bridge. Also, the bridge house is the correct design for the Wells Street Bridge.
The new trunnion bridge is being built around the swing bridge that it will replace to minimize the disruption of traffic.]
David Daruszka posted
C&NW Wells Street Station (1881-1911). The Wells Street swing bridge with the station in the background.

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