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IH: 2+2 Tractor (Anteater)

Dennis DeBruler posted
Is this a 2+2? Are they still made? I had my daughter drive north on I-57 so I could ride in the backseat and take pictures of corn cribs. I also grabbed shots of any tillage work I saw on Nov. 8, 2014.Cary P Cavanaugh 2+2 was the one of a kind brainchild of IH. It's future was killed when Tenneco stepped in and merged IH with Case. Not all is lost, as Steiger was picked up in the deal to put red out front in 4 wd and tracks.
Cody Sheppard The big design point of the 2+2 was having a big split-turn 4x4 that the operator could still easily see the hitch from the seat.
John Warren Love ours many hours out tilling with an row cropping with... use it to sidedress nh3 every year one of the few 4x4 articulated tractors that follows wheel to wheel in the turns
John Leist Model #'s 3388 @131hp (PTO), 3588 @150hp, built from '79 to'81. 3788 @170hp built from'80 to'81, ......6388 @131hp. 6588@150hp. < built between '82 to'84. 6788 @170hp all built from '83 to'84. .......... only 16 Model 7488's (@235hp) were built before production halted in Nov. 1984. There was also a small number of 7288's (@210hp.) made during that time frame.
Cary P Cavanaugh Not sure, but somewhere I read if they kept going, a 7088 would have come in at 180hp and a 7688 would have been 275.
Russ Whitacre Thanks for adding me. In about 1978 I was in a meeting with Bud Youle the marketing manager for large IH tractors and we discussed the 2+2 concept - he said it was "to buy time" for IH, I took that to mean that they couldn't afford to upgrade the whole line and needed some marketing buzz for a new model using current components. I was working as a training instructor for IH and worked the dealer launch of the 2+2's in Phoenix in January/February 1979, due to rain/snow in the desert we drove those tractors all over Phoenix and Scottsdale to find higher ground. One more add - my dad was a test engineer for IH starting working on H's and M's in the 40's and his last assignment was tracking the field testing of the 2+2's.
Cody M Sheeks posted
Our 3388 2+2 all original got 4,000 hrs we use it ever day pumped has be turned up 40%
Some of the photos shared by Dan Bowen include a 2+2 with a detailed shot of the articulated joint.




Only 16 7488s were made, so these create a stir in the traction auction world. (It must be a different one because its stack is missing.)

Three IH advertisements for the 2+2: "Farm Forum", February 1979, State Farm Pubs., August 1979, and National Farm Pubs., August 1979. [Wisconsin Historical Society]


Chris Dieterle posted
Hey everyone, got a tech question about my 3788. How does the fuel tank system work?! It seems like the gauge reads off the back tank, but mine has been drawing fuel off the front tank only. I also see there's a transfer pump under the cab with a filter on it. So my questions are, does it just pull fuel off the front tank, if so, what tells that pump under the cab to pump fuel up to the front tank, and does that front tank have sending unit in it? Someone feel free to school me on this, I'm willing to learn! Thanks!James Leroux On mine the fuel system was a source of endless frustration. I removed the back fuel tank and made an epic tool box back there. Works great!

Brian Terry posted
So was the 7088 going to be 150 PTO horsepower?Brian Terry No idea they planned a 7088, a 7688 was on the idea list, likely with a bigger engine and in the 250+ range.
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Dan Bowen shared Jordan Konkol's photo
Kenneth Updike posted
Full Frontal Friday......Dennis DeBruler Interesting. It never occurred to me that they need to twist as well as bend until I saw this photo.
Tim Butcher shared

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Andy Rentschler posted
Happy 2+Tuesday!! Found a nice little brochure at the Toy show in Winimac, IN this weekend!! Pretty sure it's the pamphlet from the 1st edition display!!

David Bratton I still have the one that I got from our IH dealer in bourbon Indian when I was a kidRyan Morrow I have the same one with the 1980 buyers guide

Kenneth Updike posted
2+2 Intro pic....
Kenneth Updike posted
nside the IH 60 series 2+2....
Kenneth Updike posted
The IH intro ad for a very short lived tractor that WAS going to be the future of IH.....
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Kenneth Update posted
Part of the IH intro ad for the tractor series that changed the way IH looked at its future in tractors......
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Kenneth Updike posted
IH 2+2 w/ 800 planter..

Big Tractor Power posted
International 575 spreader making a pit stop
[This is the first time I have seen a 2+2 in a turned position.]
Guy Shrum posted
This is one of my favorite sales brochure pics for 2+2's. Many years ago, I pulled a 6 row cultivator with a 3788 in cotton.
William Davenport I run 8r 30 with my 3588s stillGary Andries I ran 3588 with an Bushhog 8-36" 36 years ago.

[This is one of the reasons why IH advertised it as a "row crop" tractor. The standard 4WD articulated design would have smashed the plants. They were good only for tillage (plowing, disking, etc.) operations after the crop was off the field. I wonder if William is growing "organic corn." Cultivators, along with plows, became obsolete with the advent of broad-spectrum herbicide and the genetically modified corn that could survive the herbicide.]

Dennis Lenox posted three photos with the comment: "Well we got it split today. Got some parts to order. Clutch, shaft bearing, pto shaft needs replaced and the cast piece that pivots were the shafts go threw needs to be sent out and machined."



Jordan Konkol posted
I don't care what anyone says about the snoopy's, they are cool tractors in my opinion. Where they created a hybrid between row crop and the high hp 4wd's of their day. Still a lot of them used today as cheap horsepower.
[It yellow because it is used in the Ukraine. The comments contain several more pictures of "anteaters."]

Guy Shrum posted
I enjoy red tractors, but sometimes a different color adds some excitement. This a European made 2+2, built by Raba under license from IH. Some people say built in Hungary, others say Czechoslovakia. Maybe Raba had factories in both countries...?

There is a closed Facebook group.

Evidently the 2+2 had some reliability issues, at least initially:
Yep, a lot of the Binder guys try to claim that IH going belly up was due to the farm economy and the strike. I've also heard that they spent a BIG pile of money doing warranty work and recalls on the 2+2s. But the main problem they had was trying to play in to many sandboxes at the same time. They tried to compete with Deere in ag, with Cat in construction, in the truck and pickup markets, etc. Try to do to many things and you end up not being able to do any of them very well. Although they did build darn good straight trucks. I'll give them that. [YesterdaysTractor, 12-15-2004 13:34:10 ]
Super 70's Promo Film: 7288 (210/275PTO)-7488(235/200PTO), 2+2: Part 1, Part 2
7488, 2+2, 88 series, 3588 plowing, 3588 tributeCase IH Steiger history

A video of a 7488 up for auction. Starting at 1:07, they show it being driven, including making several turns.

Screenshots from Jerry Kuster's collection in Galva, IL of his three anteaters. (Facebooked 11/2/16)

Screenshot of Serial #1 of 19 7288s made.
Screenshot of Serial #1 of 3588. "Probably the first 2+2 ever built."
Screenshot of Serial #8 of  16 7488s ever made.

Jeremy Russo shared three photos with the comment: "My neighbor's 'new' horse pulling my 'new' mower home." I especially like the first photo because it shows how the tractor turned.

1, cropped
Scot Perry shared
Russell Yarger Owned all of these in the day
[I saved this one because it shows hay forage chopping as well.]
Kenneth Updike posted
IH 3X88 literature pic...the IH 2+2 runs circles around the competition...
Michael Halsall Photo proves the 2+2 were true row crop tractors!
[I believe "true row crop tractor" means that the rear wheels followed the tracks of the front wheels, even during turns. That, and its short turning radius, minimized damage to plants when it had to turn in the field headers.]
Kenneth Updike posted
The making of a 2+2...
Dennis Johnson Were these built in Rock Island?Kenneth UpdikeKenneth and 1 other manage the membership, moderators, settings, and posts for International 2+2. the Farmall Works.

A video showing off a 3588 that is for sale. (You may have to join the group for the link to work.)

A 1986 6788 for sale:

Hartmut Keller posted two photos.




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