Sunday, August 21, 2016

Kinzie Street Bridge

3D Satellite, looking south
(Bridge HunterHistoric Bridges)

I didn't realize until I looked at the satellite image that this bridge has just one leaf.

Chicago History Museum via DNAinfo
Kinzie Street Bridge rotated across Chicago River, Chicago, Illinois, November 13, 1899.
[This view must be looking north because the swing bridge in the background appears to be on an angle with respect to the river channel. So it would be the Milwaukee bridge.]
Chicago History Museum via DNAinfo
[I hope that road surface is mud and not squished road apples from horses. The bridge was built in 1909 while horses still ruled the road. The bridge was rehabilitated in 1999.]
Xavier Quintana posted
November 1964: A view (looking south) of the North Branch of the Chicago River, taken from the Grand Avenue bridge. (Vintage Tribune)
Brandon McShane C&NW bridge (down) and Milwaukee Road's rarely photographed swing bridge to the left. The Milwaukee line eventually went past Wrigley Field to the west.
[The span we easily see is the street bridge. But you can see the counterweight links of the railroad bridge peaking above the street bridge on the left. And the Milwaukee line went north on the east side of the North Branch. C&NW was on the west side.]

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