Tuesday, August 23, 2016

IH: Headquarters

Fred Bowman posted
600 South Michigan as viewed from Wabash. Originally Headquarters to International Harvester, its now home to Columbia College, who I might add, helped restore much of the detailing. 
By Christian Eckstorm in 1906 in a neoclassical style
According to Columbia College, this 15-story skyscrapper was "a modern skyscraper of its era, built with a steel skeleton, high-speed elevators, electric light, the most advanced mechanical systems available and a floor plan designed to maximize natural light for all of its interior office spaces." It was purchased by Fairbanks-Morse Company in 1937 and by Columbia College in 1975.

1909 Annual Report, last page
While standing in line in Springfield, IL in the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum, we started talking to the man ahead of us. He mentioned that the headquarters of IH used to be at 180, then 401, N. Michigan. (McCormick's first plants in the Chicago area was north of the Main Branch of the Chicago River on the east side of Michigan Avenue.)

This land was IH's proving grounds. I have passed Navistar's Proving Grounds more than once, but all you can see from the road is a sign, a fence and a bunch of trees.

Wilson Farms posted
Martin Rickatson I’m heading to Burr Ridge tomorrow - hope to be able to post a current photo of this tractor.Dennis DeBruler Are you a dealer? The receptionist told me they had a museum, but only groups of special people can see it. I'm certainly not special. They would not even let me take pictures of the displays in the entry lobby! I guess I'm going to have to visit John Deere's three visitor centers instead.Martin Rickatson I’m a farming writer/journalist from the UK coming over with a group of dealers and customers. I’ll be there in the morning so look out for some photos.

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