Thursday, December 5, 2019

106th Street Bridge over Calumet River

(Bridge Hunter; Historic Bridges; ChicagoLoopBridges; HAER3D Satellite)

Photo from HAER ILL,16-CHIG,111--2 from il0830
2. AERIAL VIEW, LOOKING SSW. - 106th Street Bridge, Spanning Calumet River at East 106th Street, Chicago, Cook County, IL

Photo from HAER ILL,16-CHIG,111--4 from il0830
4. AERIAL VIEW, LOOKING ENE. - 106th Street Bridge, Spanning Calumet River at East 106th Street, Chicago, Cook County, IL
I couldn't find a date on the HAER photos. Ken Swiderski corrected a comment I had made with the information: "The two HAER shots probably were taken on the same date. The storage piles are in the NE quadrant, in the far lower left corner of photo 2. Photo 4 is looking ENE with the piles at upper center."

Tony Margis posted
Rich Houston: Looks like the bridge on 106th st. Carmeuse Lime in the background. I worked there after Republic shut down.

As with most bridges in Chicago, it was proceeded by a swing bridge.
Rod Sellers posted
Where am I?

Rod Sellers commented on his post
Swing bridge over the Calumet River at 106th Street shortly before it was replaced in 1930. Attached photo is same bridge in 1912 with Keystone Grain Elevator in view at right. Also in view is trolley crossing the bridge.
Rod Sellers There were swing bridges for railroads but the original 106th Street (and 92nd, and 95th Street) bridge was for street traffic and trolleys.
[A different exposure of this photo, a construction photo]

Zaky Joseph posted
OPEN SAYS-ME! AND LET THE THOROUGHBRED THROUGH! NS local parallels the Calumet River with a gp30ECO #4712 passing at the same time the drawbridge was up! Chicago, Illinois 2/19/19. 
Maraty Gatton commented on Zaky's post
Just south of 106th?

These units typically grab a cut of gondolas from the scrap yard near 116th and Burley...

Caught one waiting for the signal just north of 100th street the other night, but was too dark to get a decent shot...

And as a note, the 106th street bridge will be up for a couple more months....
Street View

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