Tuesday, June 11, 2019

1920+2002 Franklin Street Bridge is raised for the Cleveland Cliffs ship

(Bridge Hunter;  Historic Bridges; HAER; Chicago Loop BridgesSatellite)

FP Martinez posted
[It was white when it was built. This shows years of coal soot.]
"When the original railings, ornate bridgetender buildings, and gracefully curved pony trusses are taken into account it is quite easy to argue that the Franklin Street Bridge is among the most beautiful of Chicago's bridges." [Historic Bridges]

Looking SW
Photo taken by Royce and Bobette Haley in November 2015 via Bridge Hunter
[Note the building construction that they also caught.]

Steve Farr, Jul 2017

1920 Annual Report of the Chicago Public Works Department via ChicagoLoopBridges

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