Friday, June 28, 2019

Flood of 2019: Dakota & Iowa Bridge Washouts by Big Sioux River

T-648: (Bridge Hunter; no Historic Bridges; John MarvigSatellite)

Bill Neill shared Civil Design post
The D & I Railroad Bridge T-648 Reconstruction project is underway. The General Contractor, L.G. Barcus & Sons, Inc., started work on June 12 and has completed access road construction, clearing, partial structure removal, and the start of the temporary causeway at the north end of the project. Riprap and access road material was provided by L.G. Everist, Inc. via 42 railcars. With recent permitting approvals for work to take place within the Big Sioux River, the contractor will be kicking it into higher gear this week with additional railcar deliveries of riprap for temporary causeway construction. Like the Civil Design Inc. page for more updates throughout construction!

D&I Handout, p5
In 2016, several of the bridges were replaced. I have not been able to determine if any of the new ones sustained damage.
Hawkins removed and replaced eight separate bridges over two projects. Existing bridges were timber and replaced with H-pile supported precast structures that varied in lengths from 22 feet up to 100 feet. Pile driving was coordinated around train traffic and each bridge superstructure was completely replaced in a one-day track outage. Construction duration for all eight bridges was 5 months.
Another example of a damaged bridge:
T-572: (no Bridge Hunter?; Satellite)

D&I Handout, p3
I'm too lazy to locate these on a satellite map and in Bridge Hunter.
D&I Handout, p3

D&I Handout, p1
When a railroad embankment acts like a dam, bad things happen.
D&I Handout, p2
Civil Design Inc posted two photos with the comment:
Construction update on the D & I Railroad Bridge T-648 Reconstruction Project: LG Barcus and Sons, Inc. began driving HP 14x89 pile on Monday at the north end of the bridge and have successfully driven pile for the north 2 substructures. Next week, the causeway is expected to continue to be built on the south end of the Big Sioux River along with continued pile driving.
ARC Fabricators has the first steel span complete and ready for delivery, scheduled for Tuesday, July 9! A total of 3 steel spans and 5 precast concrete double box beam spans will be installed. Precast elements will be ready for delivery as well once the Contractor has all pile driving completed. Like Civil Design Inc. for future construction updates!

Civil Design Inc posted three photos with the comment:
LG Barcus and Sons, Inc continues to push forward through the rise in the Big Sioux River, continuing with pile driving operations and the setting of the first few precast substructure units and the northern Prestressed Box Beam span. ARC Fabricators completed the first steel span fabrication and was delivered to the site Tuesday evening. Progress! LG Everist, Inc. South Dakota Department of Transportation



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